Who the blank is NOW PLAYING ?!

Now Playing is a group of scattered about musicians gathered together by two long time FRIENDS (Frank Speer & Paul Bienick) in an effort to create exhilarating rock music you will love to crank! Frank & Paul are two semi-likable guys from Florida who summoned one or two madmen from New Jersey and one traveling minstrel from Slovenia and together they joined forces to make an album without ever stepping into the same room! All the music you hear on this EP has been created via this new-fangled internet thingy - we just kept sending musical parts back and forth until it sounded like something that made us smile. To be sure, there is much more music to come, and on forthcoming tracks we hope to be joined by more talented and mentally unstable players from various other regions of the globe. 

Special thanks to the indigenous people of Galdazaar, 3rd planet in the Batillion system, where they make a hell of a bologna sandwich! 

*If possible, this music should be listened to in very high quality headphones or speakers and in an altered state of consciousness. 

Guitar and Bass: Frank Speer 
Drums: Paul "Benz" Bienick 
Vocals: Tilen Sapač 
Keyboards: John Rittweger 
Keyboards on "In A Rush": Mike Yesenosky 
Special guest guitarist on" Vertigo": Pat Travers 
Produced by Frank Speer and Paul Bienick 
Lyrics by Frank Speer 
Mixing Engineer: Paul Bienick except for the alternate version of "Vertigo" mixed by Terry Brown 
Album artwork by Jesse Speer 
All songs written by Frank Speer and Paul Bienick (but mostly Frank!) 
Mastered by Adam Ayan, Gateway Studios, Portland, Maine

If we could ask just one favor of you, it would be that you please support us on social media in any and every way. Please spread the NP word to family, friends and total strangers alike. Our goal is very simple; to get people everywhere to dig our music, now is that too much to ask?

There are currently no plans for NP to play live, but if there is enough interest one never can tell what might occur! After all, like Ozzy always says, "Where the !@#$ am I?"