1. Vertigo

From the recording Now Playing EP


(Based on The Hitchcock Movie of same Title)

Your a big boy now Johnny O,
You know all about those things.
You met an old friend just yesterday and so it begins. There's a cloud in her eyes that takes her away to that Golden bridge that spans the bay.

She wanders and walks in a suit of grey, staring into portals at a bygone day. Where does she go? What does she do? A grave, a museum, an old hotel room.

Its Vertigo Johnny O!
You look up, you look down,
Everything swirling and spinning around. Its Vertigo Johnny O!
Trying so hard to stand your ground.

Carlotta's flowers, Carlotta's hair, in the hotel window, she sits and she stares. Who shot who in the Embarcadero, 1879, in the Argosy bookshop the answers lies.

Come over by the fire where it's nice and warm, he's falling hard into the eye of the storm. That Strawberry robe is melting him down, down in a spiral, whirling around.

Under the Redwoods, follow that car, she's black and white, when were you born? Somewhere in here, and there I died, just a moment for you and you never cried.

It's a setup Scottie, up the spiral stairs, the shipbuilder and Salina Kansas have both laid their snares. They've played you for a fool, a very apt pupil indeed, down, down she goes, with a whisper and a scream.